Another Illegal Eviction Averted

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John already had serious health problems which required surgeries and nurse home visits before his issues with his home began. But the nurses refused to keep coming for home visits because of hazardous conditions at his property.

AVLF Hosts Awareness Fair for World Asthma Day

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In Atlanta, mold infestations are common. When our subtropical summers meet a negligent landlord, fungus can flourish on the walls, causing a wide range of health problems. Standing with Our Neighbors (SWON) staff members are no strangers to this issue.

Justice for an Asthmatic Child

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Adriana is a single mother of two. When a mold infestation devastated her apartment, the landlord just told her to keep spraying bleach on the walls – and eventually just painted over it.

A Chance to Start Again

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Melissa fled the California fires and sought haven in Georgia. She used all the money she had to pay a security deposit and first month of rent for a new apartment while she waited for her housing choice vouchers to transfer. But the conditions were unacceptable.

He Did Not Follow

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Sophia had finally had enough. Her boyfriend of ten years was an aggressive alcoholic, and his verbal abuse became too much to bear.