Another Illegal Eviction Averted

John already had serious health problems which required surgeries and nurse home visits before his issues with his home began. But the nurses refused to keep coming for home visits because of hazardous conditions at his property.

John had nonstop water problems that caused mold and mildew to grow in his home. He complained to his landlord multiple times, but nothing was done (other than covering it up with paint, which didn’t actually stop the mold). Due to the mold, John developed an asthma problem along with eye irritation. He also had issues with his sink backing up, his cabinets peeling, a partially caved in ceiling, and a kicked in back door.

By the time John got to AVLF, his case was an active eviction and he was in danger of losing his home and being charged thousands in rent. However, with the help of one of our volunteer attorneys, Anne Baroody at Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP, John was able to get the claims against him dropped, reduce the rent owed to 0, and was paid $300 in counterclaims for the issues with his home. 

Excellent work, Anne!