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If you’re facing an eviction, please note that the CDC eviction moratorium has been struck down. Click here to find out more.


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Do you know your rights as a tenant?

Knowing your rights can empower you to take action if your landlord is breaking the law.




Are you at risk of losing your home due to COVID-19-related financial hardship?

If you live in Atlanta and are at risk of losing your home due to financial hardship related to COVID-19, we might be able to help.

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Eviction FAQs*

Within 7 days after the County Marshal or a Process Servicer brings a copy of the eviction complaint to your home, you should file a response – which is known as an Answer – with the Court.

The Answer is your opportunity to tell the Court why the landlord is not entitled to evict you.

If you visit us at the Housing Court Assistance Center, we can help you file the Answer. You can find the form here. Mark any legal defenses that apply to your case.

The Answer also has a section for you to raise any claims, which are called “counter” claims, against your landlord. Examples of counterclaims include failure to make repairs and breach of contract.

No. A landlord can’t force you to move out unless the landlord receives permission from the Court.

Before your landlord can get the Court’s permission, you will have a chance to file an Answer and have a hearing in front of a judge.

If the landlord failed to make repairs, you can mark that as a defense and a counterclaim on your Answer. You should still continue paying rent in full.

You can choose between an in-person hearing and a remote, online hearing through Zoom. (Zoom is a free program you can use on a phone or a computer to have a virtual hearing with the court.)

You’ll receive a form in the mail that asks what type of hearing you would like. Select the type of hearing you feel most comfortable with.

Zoom hearings will take place as soon as possible during the fall. In-person hearings are postponed until November 2020.

No. You can leave the property if you want, but you should make sure leaving the property isn’t a violation of the lease (if you have one).

If you leave the property, you should:

  • Ask your landlord to dismiss the case
  • Give the Court a change of address
  • Remember to attend your hearing

No. In Georgia, there’s no way for you to erase your case or remove it from the public record.

Having an eviction does not affect your criminal record, but your case may show up on a background check or credit report.

No – it’s not illegal. In Georgia, you do not need a formal or written lease agreement to be a tenant.


The information here is legal information and not legal advice specific to your case. We have not reviewed the facts relevant to your case. For more information on how the information above may apply to your specific situation, please contact the Housing Court Assistance Center.