With An Attorney At Their Door, Management Reconsidered

Lana’s eye was badly swollen and red. She’d been to the ER twice for a range of symptoms. Her children were having trouble breathing. A highly dangerous strain of mold had infested Lana’s apartment – and no one came to treat it.

Cole Thaler, the Director of the Safe and Stable Homes project, immediately sent a mold inspector to Lana’s apartment. Meanwhile, volunteer attorney Emerson Girardeau of Eversheds Sutherland confronted management about their negligence.

During negotiations, management came to Lana’s home to do an ‘inspection.’ They issued a 10-day notice of lease termination for four bogus infractions.

Thankfully Emerson was able to prevent the eviction, and when the mold inspection results came in, management changed their tune.

They’ve now promised to work with a professional remediation company to fix the unit. And in the meantime, while Lana and her children have to stay elsewhere, they’ve offered to cover her housing costs.

Thank you, Emerson, for advocating for Lana’s rights, and for holding management accountable. Now Lana and her family are that much closer to safety and stability.

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