Survivors of intimate partner abuse who are seeking services through the Safe Families Office also have access to AVLF’s Family Law Program.

Safe Families Office / Domestic Violence

Always searching to broaden its client services and take the next step towards stabilizing Atlanta families, AVLF conceived of the Family Law Program out of a desire to deepen its services for clients of the Safe Families Office. Now, survivors of intimate partner abuse who have sought the assistance of the Safe Families Office can also apply for family law assistance in Fulton County.

The Family Law Program takes AVLF’s commitment to serve survivors of intimate partner abuse to the next level. Imagine: a survivor walks into the Safe Families Office seeking an order of protection against a spouse, who is also the other parent to their children. Through a Temporary Protective Order, the Safe Families Office can help the survivor receive temporary child support, temporary custody, and even temporary spousal support. Now, thanks to AVLF’s Family Law Program, the services do not end there. The client can apply for assistance with a divorce, leading to long-term stabilization for the survivor and their children.

Clients who are accepted into the Family Law Program receive pro bono representation from an experienced family law attorney. In this way, AVLF is able to connect survivors with high-quality representation, to which the survivor might not otherwise have access. Clients receive representation in a variety of family law matters, including custody, child support, divorce, and legitimation. High-quality family representation for survivors leads to more stable families and improved long-term outcomes.