A Chance to Start Again

Melissa fled the California fires and sought haven in Georgia. She used all the money she had to pay a security deposit and first month of rent for a new apartment while she waited for her housing choice vouchers to transfer.

But the apartment was in terrible condition. There were maggots, roaches, backed-up plumbing, a broken air conditioner, and more. When Melissa received her housing voucher, she immediately tried to use it at her new apartment complex. They refused to accept it.

The manager gave her a month to move out. Melissa was afraid of being evicted, so she signed an agreement giving her one month to packed up and leave. The landlord was impatient and filed for an eviction anyway. Atlanta Legal Aid Society helped Sharon stay in her apartment for the month and get her security deposit back – but because of conflicts between Melissa and management regarding repairs, Melissa lost her housing voucher.

She and her daughter ended up homeless, living in hotels for some time.

Melissa reached out to us for help, and Nancy Baughan of Parker Hudson Ranier & Dobbs secured a settlement of $5,000. Melissa was able to start over and find a safe and stable place to live for her and her daughter.