He Did Not Follow

Sophia had finally had enough. Her boyfriend of ten years was an aggressive alcoholic, and his verbal abuse became too much to bear.

She asked him to move out, but he refused. She fled to her brother’s house; her boyfriend keyed her car and damaged the garage. Again, she asked him to move out – again, he refused, and this time threatened to hurt her and her children if she went to the police. 

Sophia came to the Safe Families Office and received a Temporary Protective Order. Andrew Thompson volunteered to represent her pro bono at her evidentiary hearing and landed her a Twelve-Month Protective Order that forces her boyfriend to finally leave the apartment – and to stay away for good. 

She texted Andrew to say thank you: “I made it. He did not follow. I’m locked in my car. Thank you for everything.”

As he wished her well, she said, “Thank you. You gave me my life back. More importantly, you probably saved my life.”