When It Rains, It Pours

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Water dripped from Levon’s ceiling every time it rained. This 54-year-old father of two watched brown water stains spread across the ceiling as his landlord ignored his calls. Then his couch began to smell.

Safe Families Office Gets Tech Overhaul

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Thanks to a grant from the AEC Trust and with support from TechBridge, starting July 24, the SFO will become completely digital. The advances in technology will better address our needs, the needs of our clients, and the needs of the court.

Late is Always Better Than Never

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In 2011, a couple paid a security deposit for a house they were never allowed to move into. Even after the trial awarded the couple $7,936 for their security deposit, attorney fees, and fraud damages, the sleazy landlord refused to pay.

A Friday Afternoon Well-Spent

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After a teenage girl’s first protective order expired, her ex-boyfriend began harassing her again. It quickly became obvious she needed another protective order against him. Former AVLF Board President and passionate volunteer Elizabeth Finn Johnson offered to represent her in a hearing that lasted nearly six hours on a Friday afternoon. 

Justice Served for Atlanta Waiter

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Twenty-eight-year-old Morris lived in a freezing, rat-infested basement apartment, barely making ends meet. When he lost his job waiting tables at a local restaurant, his landlord gave him a 30-day notice to move.  But the very next day, Morris came home to find his belongings outside and the locks changed.

5th Annual Beer Tasting and BBQ Battle

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The 5th Annual Beer Tasting & BBQ Battle, held on the evening of June 8, raised over $80,000 for the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. Park Tavern was host to more than 750 guests, who drank craft beers and sampled delicious BBQ.