Volunteer Take: Helping Those Who Need It Most

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“My clients have all been wonderful, hardworking people who found themselves in untenable situations and had the courage to stand up and say ‘no more.’ These cases serve as powerful reminders of the resiliency of the human spirit.”

#avlfclassdivide: Affordable Housing and Education

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In its fourth year, AVLF at the Movies highlighted important, impactful issues affecting Atlanta’s communities. Over 300 people joined us to talk about the intersection between gentrification, affordable housing, and education. 

When the Bedbugs Came, The Landlord Disappeared

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After undergoing major surgery, Ms. Headly required a cane to walk. Because her apartment was being renovated, her landlord temporarily moved her to another unit. Soon thereafter, Ms. Headly realized her new apartment was completely infested with bedbugs. 

He Said They Wouldn’t Believe Her

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This wasn’t the first time he’d hit her, but she was always terrified to call the police. Her boyfriend, a retired police officer, always told her no one would believe her. But Ms. Laurens had recently begun fostering her grandchildren and knew she had to get them away from his abuse. 

It Only Took One Letter

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Ms. Brown, a mental health therapist, was supposed to be paid by the session. When she started working in July 2016, it seemed like a straightforward arrangement: she should submit notes at the end of each session to be paid for them. For the first month, this worked well. Things quickly changed.