Where’s Home?

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What kind of emotional and social weight does having a home carry? Everyone deserves to have a safe and stable place to call home.

Is Hope Necessary?

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When squaring up to our biggest systemic problems – like institutionalized racism and inter-generational poverty – maybe hope isn’t quite what we need.

Beyond the Bumper Sticker

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What’s wrong with random acts of kindness? Don’t they brighten a stranger’s day? The problem is that our needs, and our suffering, are not all the same.

Many Tables

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Where community members gather to debate issues and make plans that affect tenants and survivors, AVLF is often at the table.

Housing Justice is Racial Justice

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COLE THALER | August 28, 2018 The word “race” does not appear in AVLF’s mission statement or vision statement, but there’s no question that the work we do on behalf of low-income tenants is racial justice work. Here’s why. 1. Housing inequality in Atlanta is not race-neutral. In a 2016 paper, the Federal Reserve Bank […]

Lawyers Are Not Enough

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We change lives one courtroom at a time, and the law is our tool. But the fight for housing justice will never be won by lawyers alone.

Unnatural Disasters: When Tenants Lose Everything

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Every day in Atlanta, landlords carry out illegal evictions. They toss their tenants out without the benefit of court filings or a hearing, often because rent is a few days late. Most of the tenants who call AVLF have no prior warning of these “self-help” evictions. They simply return home to find that their key no longer fits in the lock, and peer through their own windows to see that all of their belongings have been removed or ransacked.