AVLF Honors Volunteer Excellence at the 2017 Celebrating Service Awards

KATIE KING | October 23, 2017

Award winners have championed the rights of Atlantans through housing and domestic violence work. 

Family Law Staff Attorney Nilufar Abdi-Tabari presents AVLF’s award winners at the 2017 Celebrating Service Awards.

On Friday, October 20, the Atlanta Bar Association hosted the 2017 Celebrating Service Awards at the Piedmont Driving Club. The annual event highlights Atlanta attorneys who are committed to achieving excellence in community service, public service, and pro bono work. 

This year, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation had the honor of presenting the following awards:

  • Safe and Stable Families Volunteer of the Year: Elizabeth Finn Johnson
  • Guardian ad Litem Volunteer of the Year: JoAnna Smith
  • Family Law Volunteer of the Year: Ivory Brown
  • Safe and Stable Homes Volunteer of the Year: Emerson Girardeau
  • Safe and Stable Homes Firm of the Year: Eversheds Sutherland

Nilufar Abdi-Tabari, staff attorney for AVLF’s Family Law Program, introduced AVLF’s award winners. She spoke of all that volunteer attorneys do, for their clients and beyond: “The firms, volunteer attorneys, and award recipients that are in this audience have done far more than turn their eyes toward justice. They have taken hold of the jagged, broken edges of our society–a society broken by the injustices heaped upon those that are most vulnerable.”

“Every time one of our clients is provided representation or assistance by someone in this audience, the broken edges of our society are drawn together,” she continued. “The gaps that deny the most vulnerable of our society access to justice are bridged.” 

AVLF is proud to work with these exceptional attorneys. Check out more photos from the event below. 

Celebrating Service Award recipients Ivory Brown, Elizabeth Finn Johnson, and JoAnna Smith were joined by staff members from the Safe and Stable Families team.

Award-winner Elizabeth Finn Johnson with AVLF Cristo Rey Intern Axel Flores.

Staff Attorney Nilufar Abdi-Tabari joined by Ivory Brown and Elizabeth Finn Johnson.

Staff Attorney Nilufar Abdi-Tabari poses with JoAnna Smith, the 2017 Guardian ad Litem of the Year.

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