For over 40 years, our city’s top firms and brightest legal talent have volunteered to help our clients in their fight for justice—and have found they get a great deal back in return. 

Esther Graff Radford, February 2019 Volunteer of the Month
AVLF taps the enthusiasm and commitment of volunteer legal professionals to provide free legal services to low-income families where no other resources exist.

AVLF accomplishes its mission through several volunteer programs, listed below. Through these programs, AVLF’s staff and volunteers promote freedom from violence and advocate for the economic and housing security of low-income Atlantans.

Each AVLF program is headed by an expert attorney who recruits, manages, and trains volunteers from all over Atlanta; directly represents clients; develops partnerships with legal and related organizations; supervises paralegals and law students; and reaches out to the client community through education and workshops.

In addition to the staff attorney, each program has a paralegal to interview and assist the thousands of potential clients who seek our services every year.

Saturday Lawyer Program

The Saturday Lawyer Program was AVLF’s flagship program. It’s known for being an efficient and rewarding experience for our volunteers. When you volunteer with the Saturday Lawyer Program, you offer a Saturday morning to providing legal advice and counsel to low-income Atlantans who can’t afford an attorney. After the day is over, you have the option of taking on their case. We have a comprehensive team of staff attorneys and paralegals to support each and every volunteer who comes through our program, from start to close.

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Domestic Violence

Stand with a survivor of intimate partner abuse. Legal assistance is an important step in ensuring a survivor’s sustainable independence. You can help survivors reclaim control of their lives. For many survivors, the need for legal representation is particularly acute because abusers continue to use their abuse tactics in the very courtrooms where survivors go to seek relief.

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Eviction Defense Program

AVLF’s Eviction Defense Program, managed in partnership with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society and currently sponsored by the law firms of Troutman Sanders, King & Spalding, Seyfarth Shaw, and Baker Donelson, has been leveling the playing field for low-income tenants in eviction court for over a decade by providing volunteer attorneys to eligible clients with meritorious defenses or counterclaims.

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Dollars for Judgments Program

AVLF has partnered with the Creditors Rights Section of the State Bar of Georgia to establish the Dollars for Judgments Program, a judgment collection program to help AVLF’s and Atlanta Legal Aid’s low-income clients be made whole in ways never before been available to them. By providing expert collection attorneys to collect on judgments obtained through our programs, this project is, we believe, unique – a first of its kind in the nation – and has the possibility of promoting real justice for low-income individual judgment creditors who cannot afford legal collection assistance from a lawyer.

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Guardian ad Litem

Frequently, the Superior Court of Fulton County seeks the assistance of a Guardian ad Litem in high conflict custody cases to advocate for the best interest of the children involved. When the family involved cannot afford a Guardian, the Court will appoint a Guardian who is supervised and supported by AVLF.

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Low-Income Creditor Assistance Project

AVLF has partnered with the Bankruptcy Section of the Atlanta Bar Association to launch this innovative project. LICAP provides low-income judgment creditors and claimants with free legal assistance in bankruptcy cases when the defendant/debtor runs to bankruptcy court to evade justice. These creditor-clients are current AVLF clients who are pursuing or have obtained judgments against employers and landlords through the Saturday Lawyer and Dollars for Judgments Programs.

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The Probate Information Center

The Probate Information Center is a project of Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, Atlanta Legal Aid Society, the Fulton County Probate Court, and the Estate Planning & Probate Section of the Atlanta Bar Association.

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Saturday Paralegal Program

The Saturday Lawyer Program has been significantly strengthened by the addition of the Saturday Paralegal Program, which has become a critical part of running a weekly top-notch legal clinic.

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