Love Day 2017 at Thomasville Heights Elementary

When you think of February 14 do you think of…candy? Chocolate? Big red balloons and flowers? Whether you’re counting down the days or would prefer to not leave your covers, this date typically elicits strong emotions. But what if that’s because we’re thinking about it all wrong? Rather than focusing on the gifts we did or did not receive, we can change the narrative: we can focus on showing care and affection for our local communities.

This February 14, AVLF did just that.

Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, we celebrated Love Day. With volunteers from FTI and King & Spalding, we met up with the Thomasville Heights Elementary School’s Third Grade Class. The students and teachers led us in a morning clean-up, picking up trash from around the school and the neighborhood. They spent the day showing us how to love our communities and our neighbors, a love that extends far beyond two people. After the kids headed inside for their Valentine’s Day party, the inspired adults took to the streets and collected eight more bags of trash within an hour.

It was only a morning of our time, but we all agreed it was the best February 14th we’ve ever had.