Top 5 Highlights from the 2020 Annual Report


AVLF is proud to officially release our 2020 Annual Report.

The 2020 Annual Report covers a wide range of information on our programs, community involvement, finances, and more. 

And this year we’ve gone digital!

5. We distributed over $1.8 million in emergency financial assistance.

Thousands of Atlanta families lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Families haven’t been able to pay their rent or bills and risk eviction and further crisis — exacerbating Atlanta’s pre-existing affordable housing and healthcare crisis.

While the number of Atlantans who need emergency financial assistance has grown exponentially during the pandemic, the issue isn’t new. Atlanta’s affordable housing crisis, eviction epidemic, and sky-high rates of homelessness mean that families need immediate access to emergency financial support to keep them safe in their homes.

This year, our Community Assistance team provided over $1.8 million in direct financial assistance to Atlanta families in crisis.

4. The Housing Court Assistance Center expanded to help over 800 tenants.

Quickly changing legislation and policies around eviction made an already confusing process all the more difficult for tenants. Thousands of eviction filings were left on the court’s docket, confusion was high over the federal eviction moratorium, and it became harder to connect with our clients.

We dramatically expanded our Housing Court Assistance Center in the Fulton County Courthouse, allowing tenants to receive immediate help in filing their Answers with the court.

3. We awarded $103,140 to survivors for child support, spousal support, etc.

The Safe & Stable Families project is devoted to helping survivors of intimate partner abuse achieve safety and stability. Our committed team of social workers, attorneys, legal support, and more work to holistically address survivors’ needs, from Temporary Protective Orders to emergency lodging to health and safety supplies.

Through Zoom family law and protective order hearings, mobile advocacy efforts, virtual social work services, and more, the Safe & Stable Families team and their volunteers provided uninterrupted support to Atlanta survivors throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

2. 770+ volunteers offered their time and talents to serving their community.

This work is only possible because of the incredible dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteer community. We know we can always count on our volunteers to offer their time to stand with Atlanta families, and to join us in the fight for equal justice.

“It was an honor to use my technology skills and experience with AVLF cases to smooth the way and bring some peace of mind to clients in these unprecedented times,” said one of our 2020 volunteers. 

1. We celebrated Marty Ellin’s decades-long commitment to the fight for equal justice.

After 20 years of serving as our Executive Director, Marty Ellin said goodbye to AVLF. In his 20 years, Marty grew the organizational budget to more than $5,000,000 and established the $1,000,000 SAFE Fund for operational reserves. He also launched the nationally recognized Safe Families Office and Standing with Our Neighbors.

“The many, many gracious and loving friends I have made through working at AVLF have continued to stand with me and my family in every form possible.”


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