IAQA Collects Donations on Behalf of AVLF

LAUREN FRAZIER | January 24, 2019

The Indoor Air Quality Association hosted their annual meeting and Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation was there to talk health and housing.

On January 14th, the Indoor Air Quality Association kicked-off their three-day annual meeting in downtown Atlanta. The conference theme was Clearing the Air on Indoor Air Quality, and AVLF was present to discuss the fragile relationship between health, housing, and education. 

Attendees of the event included prominent industry leaders from around the world dedicated to preventing and solving indoor environmental problems for the benefit of consumers and the public.

Deputy Director, Michael Lucas who is the visionary behind AVLF’s innovative program, Standing with Our Neighbors, served as a guest speaker. During the session he explained to the audience some of the core issues facing Atlanta families in the midst of the city’s housing crisis. 

While Atlanta may be the epicenter for great food, great entertainment, and southern hospitality, the city faces its own unique challenges, and low-income citizens are often the ones who suffer. In Atlanta, where nearly half of the residents are renters, many families struggle to obtain and maintain rental housing that lives up to even the most basic standards. As a result, children in poor communities face an array of challenges from deteriorating health to roadblocks to pursuing their education.

In Atlanta, where nearly half of the residents are renters, many families struggle to obtain and maintain rental housing that lives up to even the most basic standards.

The Standing with Our Neighbors program partners Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation with schools and other community allies to focus AVLF’s volunteer resources on improving living conditions and housing stability in low-income neighborhoods – all to improve resident health, reduce school enrollment turnover, and enhance student attendance and performance.

Through the power of volunteer attorneys and advocates, AVLF is able to provide place-based intervention services for families in need of pro bono legal support for various landlord/tenant issues. But our community partnerships with organizations like the IAQA, also play an important role in the sustainability of our program. 

During the conference, IAQA generously collected donations on behalf of AVLF’s clients. By the final day of the event, we walked away with several boxes of toiletries and cash donations from supporters of AVLF’s mission. We are proud to have so many allies who understand the importance of what’s at stake for our community. The reality is that poverty is not just a local problem here in Atlanta – it’s a national epidemic. Our hope is that ultimately, our program will serve as a model for other legal services organizations looking to provide more holistic support for impoverished communities throughout the U.S. and beyond.

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