After the Hurricane, Home Was Unlivable

Back in September 2017, Anna left down during Hurricane Irma. When she returned, there were leaks in her laundry room and kitchen – along with mold, bugs coming from the ceiling, rotten wood, and more.

The landlord fixed some cosmetic things, but not the real, underlying issues. Anna didn’t pay two months’ rent because her landlord did not respond to her attempts at contact and requests for repair. Then, she received a notice that the landlord was going to file an eviction.

Anna had the money to pay her rent, but she wanted to negotiate a smaller amount due to the numerous issues in her home. With the help of one of our volunteer attorneys, Colby Nixon, Anna was able to receive a reduction in the amount owed to her landlord and got her security deposit back. In total, she avoided $3,425 in costs.