Victory for Standing with Our Neighbors

A Standing with Our Neighbors client met with AVLF, and her eye was horribly swollen and red. She was experiencing a range of adverse symptoms that twice sent her to the ER. Her children were also experiencing eye and breathing problems. We arranged for a mold inspector to visit the family’s home, and Emerson W. Girardeau III of Eversheds Sutherland enthusiastically took her case.

Meanwhile, the apartment complex’s management arrived at our client’s home to do an “inspection” and then issued a 10-day notice of lease termination for four bogus infractions. Using research provided by AVLF’s Ayanna Jones-Lightsy, Emerson informed management that it was illegal to evict her for the infractions they listed.

The mold inspection report came back as expected: the apartment had very high levels of dangerous mold. Since then, the complex’s management changed their tune and promised to work with a professional remediation company to fix the unit. Since this required our tenant and her children to leave their home for several days, management has relocated her to a temporary unit on the property. 

Excellent work, Emerson!