Safety Across State Lanes

When JoAnn came into the Safe Families Office, she was exhausted from trying to co-parent with her child’s father, who often turned to violence when they disagreed about parenting or finances. She had been strangled and slammed into the walls of her home before she came in, and she was scared and didn’t know where to turn.

After obtaining an ex parte Temporary Protective Order, JoAnn and her children moved out of state to protect themselves, but she traveled through the night before the evidentiary hearing, where former AVLF board president and current volunteer Elizabeth Finn Johnson helped JoAnn win a year-long Protective Order.

Thanks to Elizabeth’s expertise and advocacy, JoAnn walked away with an Order giving her sole custody, child support totaling over $4,000 over the duration of the Order, and preventing her child’s father from having any contact with her or her children. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!