Nowhere to Turn

Intimate partner abuse is one of the leading causes of homelessness. The abuser might own the home, know where the survivor lives, or otherwise hold the financial power in the relationship, creating the impossible choice between homelessness and abuse.

When Connie* was forced to flee her ex-partner, she and her two children had no where else to turn. The family found themselves sleeping in the car, parking in a different neighborhood each night.

Connie was connected with CHRIS 180 through the @Promise Center in the Westside. CHRIS 180’s staff helped find emergency lodging for the family, and referred her to AVLF through the Westside Connect program to find additional support for Connie and her kids.

At the time, Connie had no source of income. Though our Standing with Survivors program, we partnered with CHRIS 180 to provide food, clothing, and transportation for Connie to a career and vocational training program.

Connie is now on her way to finding long-term housing — and safety and stability for herself and her children. 

This is the Atlanta we envision: that in times of crisis, survivors know that there is a network of community support here to help. We imagine an Atlanta where no one has to choose between enduring abuse and sleeping in their car — where everyone has access to the safety and stability they deserve.

*Name has been changed for privacy.

For those of you who are able, we invite you to contribute to bringing crucial legal and social services to Atlantans who have been hit the hardest by this crisis.