A Child’s Health and Safety Starts at Home

It is heartbreaking enough for a child to face chronic illness. She should not have to worry about the health and safety of her home.

Ms. Alden’s daughter has sickle-cell anemia, and relies on an oxygen tank to keep her breathing; when she moved into a new house, Ms. Alden was horrified to find mold growing in the kitchen, a gaping hole in the wall, and roaches and gnats creeping in.

Maddy Kvalheim of Baker Donelson wrote a forceful letter to the negligent landlord, who commenced renovations immediately. The landlord even paid for Ms. Alden’s hotel stay while the work was completed.

Ms. Alden recently sent Maddy a photo of her newly-renovated living space.

“I can now feed my children in a fully functional kitchen,” she said, knowing she has a safe place to care for her daughter.