Winning Against The Odds

AVLF congratulates Jennifer Burbine, counsel at McGuireWoods, for winning a great victory for her client in July 2021.  When Ms. J. moved into her apartment, she discovered a severe roach and rat infestation, mold, and evidence of past sewage floods.  Instead of making repairs, the landlord filed an eviction for unpaid rent.  Jennifer counter-sued the landlord for its failure to repair.

After a hearing in Fulton Magistrate Court, the judge ruled that the landlord was not entitled to any money, and awarded Ms. J. over $4,000, plus attorney’s fees!  The judge issued a thoughtful five-page opinion holding that the landlord intentionally failed to make repairs, despite knowing about the severe problems.

Most tenants facing eviction do not have attorneys, and Ms. J.’s landlord was probably confident that it would walk out of the courtroom with a winning judgment in hand.  Thanks to Jennifer’s outstanding representation, which included showing the judge video evidence of the sewage floods, Ms. J. received a just result.  Pro bono attorneys like Jennifer Burbine make a true difference!