From Housing Crisis to Triumph

Carmen Boatwright faced an imminent threat to her housing when she arrived at AVLF’s Housing Court Assistance Center with an eviction notice looming. With limited income, Carmen tried to find another place to live in Atlanta that was cheaper than the $750 monthly rent she was currently paying. 

Burdened by several months of unpaid rent and a daunting letter from her landlord’s attorney demanding that she vacate the premises immediately, she turned to us for help. 

Enter Maxwell Rogers, the dedicated Graduate Research Assistant at HCAC, whose zealous advocacy, combined with the collaborative efforts of AVLF staff, turned the tide for Carmen. Even our Executive Director, Michael Lucas, stepped in to offer guidance during his volunteer stint at HCAC in September.

Through Maxwell’s tenacious negotiations with the landlord’s attorney, a six-month lease was secured in exchange for settling Carmen’s overdue rent. AVLF also worked tirelessly to issue funds that ultimately wiped out Carmen’s outstanding rent. Today, Carmen stands victorious with reduced debts, a clean slate, and a secure place to call home until April 2024.