#DVAM2018: The Purple Dress Project


In partnership with local fashion line Chloe Kristyn, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation raised over $1,500 at private events for the Safe and Stable Families Project.

We understand: it is painful to speak about domestic violence.

These purple dresses were designed specifically for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. A larger percentage of the proceeds from these dresses goes to AVLF’s Safe and Stable Families Project.

It is painful to imagine that even our strongest friends can be cornered into unthinkable abuse. It is painful to consider that if 1 and 3 women will experience some form of intimate partner abuse in their lifetime, then someone dear to us has. 

But no matter how painful, speaking openly about domestic violence sets the stage for change. Awareness is a key first step in disrupting the cycle of harm. In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, local fashion brand Chloe Kristyn, and generous friends of our organization cametogether to have a conversation.

This month, Elizabeth Finn Johnson and Bettina Drake opened up their homes to start a conversation about the prevalence of domestic abuse in our communityand what we can do about it.

Bettina Benson brought a selection of the Chloe Kristyn line to the gathering for attendees to browse. (A portion of all Chloe Kristyn’s sales go to AVLF.) And although it is painful for survivors to share their stories, we were honored with the testimony of two women who, with stunning strength, broke free of the cycle of violence.

The events raised over $1,500 in total for the Safe and Stable Families project. 7 special edition purple dresses and 17 dresses total were sold at the trunk shows, and Bettina Benson will be incorporating a purple dress in each collection to support AVLF’s domestic violence work.

But no matter how painful, speaking openly about domestic violence sets the stage for change.

“I’m excited to use the Chloe Kristyn platform to support Domestic Violence Awareness and the efforts of AVLF,” says Benson. “As a brand created by women for women, supporting a cause that strengthens and protects women are part of our core values. Due to the success and interest generated by the purple dress campaign we will plan to incorporate a purple dress in each collection to continue to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and support the efforts of the AVLF.”

All who attended the trunk shows left with a better understanding of what domestic violence looks like in our community, and we hope to keep the conversation going beyond Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Photos below by Emilia Brock.

Visit Chloe Kristyn’s website to see the dresses.

Ashleigh Starnes

Communications Associate

As AVLF’s Communications Associate, Ashleigh helps Lauren Frazier with website content development, social media outreach, and various other forms of communication with our fiercely compassionate supporters. Ashleigh is ever-eager to share the remarkable stories of our clients, and the impact of AVLF’s staff and volunteers on our community.

Before joining AVLF, Ashleigh was a Fulbright Scholar in Turkey. She holds a BA in English and Linguistics from the University of Georgia. She is also a performance artist, and can occasionally be seen performing movement pieces, poetry, and combinations of the two around Atlanta and beyond.

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