Celebrating a New Partnership with The Love Project 404

AVLF | December 10, 2021

AVLF is excited to announce its newest partnership with The Love Project 404 as we widen our services in the Atlanta community.

As the largest provider of pro bono legal services in Atlanta, we continue to leverage the collective power and resources of our professional community and this partnership is uniquely aligned with projects at AVLF.

The Love Project 404 (TLP 404) is a collective of over 30 successful women that saw a need and decided to combine resources to help their community through mentorship/scholarships, family sponsorships, year-round bailouts, and special initiatives. With their family sponsorship initiative, TLP404 sponsors at least one family each month, but often is moved to sponsor more.

TLP404 will cover the sponsored families’ living expenses and/or other financial hardships they may be experiencing for the month. What has been so inspiring is the grassroots fundraising they’ve accomplished in just a year: $140,935 for all three initiatives (bail outs/teen mentorships & scholarships/ family sponsorships. 100% of donations are given to nominees that are selected for their initiatives, and the staff at TLP404 are all volunteers; many of whom we are familiar with from various Bar Associations. Together, we’re working to create safer and more stable families, homes, and communities and a more fair and equitable Atlanta, one family at a time. 

“We are honored to stand alongside them as well,” says Cynthia Pearson, our Program Manager for Standing With Survivors. “TLP404 is standing in the gap for families and our community when they need it most.” 

To learn more about The Love Project 404, visit their website at theloveproject404.org.

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