The 2019 Annual Campaign celebrates the 40th Anniversary of AVLF and the 10th Anniversary of the Safe Families Office.

We want to focus on the reasons why you trust AVLF, year after year, to advocate for the safety and stability of Atlanta families.

The 2019 Annual Campaign Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of AVLF.

For forty years, AVLF has been inspiring the fight for equal justice. We’ve helped the top legal minds of the city give back to their community by volunteering to help low-income Atlantans achieve the safety and stability they deserve.

2018 marked the launch of AVLF’s Annual Campaign. We are proud to share that we exceeded our goal of $850,000 by raising over $980,000 – and this year, our goal is $1,000,000.

All donations to our Annual Campaign are unrestricted and fully tax deductible. This enables AVLF to employ the funds wherever they are needed most.

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Lizanne Thomas of Jones Day and David Balser of King & Spalding are leading the charge.

Our 2019 Steering Committee is a group of talented members of Atlanta’s legal and business communities who have seen the value of AVLF’s work in Atlanta neighborhoods.

They’ve committed to helping see us through to 2020 and beyond. Will you join them?

The Steering Committee

Co-Chair Lizanne Thomas of Jones Day addresses the Committee at 2019's kickoff luncheon.


Saturday Lawyer     Guardian ad Litem     Probate Information Center     Eviction Defense     Safe Families Office / Domestic Violence     Dollars for Judgments

expand place-based outreach.

We believe it’s essential that our staff and volunteers are connected to and invested in the communities we serve.

We want to go deeper into our community. We want to focus on outreach, education, and training across multiple constituencies, and support Atlanta’s safety and stability.

Your donation gives us the resources to integrate our programs into a cohesive, community-centered, place-based system of support.

provide holistic services.

When someone reaches out to a staff member – be it in the Safe Families Office, a SWON school, or by the phone – the difficulties they face are rarely simple.

In each of our programs, AVLF seeks to educate and empower those who need our help – not just in court, but in their daily lives. 

Your support creates more holistic, proactive, and efficient programs, where we can provide more thorough and comprehensive assistance to Atlantans in need.

recruit volunteers.

Volunteer attorneys are crucial to each of our programs. This organization can thrive only with the enthusiasm of local attorneys – and their willingness to help.

We want to inspire the legal community. We want to educate local lawyers. We want to recruit.

Your gift expands our recruitment potential, allowing us to reach more attorneys, to serve more clients, and to change more lives. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Your gift is a way of taking local action on national problems – making Atlanta communities safer and more stable.

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We are sincerely grateful for your support – no matter the size of the gift.

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