For forty years, the Saturday Lawyer Program at AVLF has provided low-income Atlantans with access to volunteer attorneys, and volunteer attorneys with a chance to do meaningful pro bono work. This Atlanta institution has been significantly strengthened by the addition of the Saturday Paralegal Program, which has become a critical part of running a weekly top-notch legal clinic.

Who Can Participate?

While no specific level of certification is required, we do ask that volunteers in this program currently are working or have worked in the legal field in a paralegal capacity. No particular substantive expertise or litigation experience is necessary; most of our volunteers begin with no experience with our types of cases.


As a volunteer paralegal, you will be asked to support the program in one or more ways:

  1. Greeting volunteers, staff and clients at the front door of our secured building, checking them in and letting them up the secured elevator – all while being the first public face of the clinic
  2. Being available to help organize and scan evidence, whether electronic or hard-copies
  3. Assisting with interpretation where able and appropriate, both at the clinic and by conference call during the week
  4. Assisting with the logistics of running a weekend clinic generally
  5. Being a central piece of our emphasis on making the clinic a respectful “free service” experience for our clients (that effort on our part starts with making sure people are treated professionally and feel comfortable coming to what may at first be intimidating).

Volunteer paralegals may also be able to sit in on at least one attorney/client interview, depending on the number of cases and workload.


If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact Matilde Davis. We will get some basic information and then give you your choice of upcoming Saturdays. No prior training is required; we train and support you during your chosen Saturday(s).