AVLF has partnered with the Creditors Rights Section of the State Bar of Georgia to establish the Dollars for Judgments Program, a judgment collection program to help AVLF’s and Atlanta Legal Aid’s low-income clients be made whole in ways never before been available to them. By providing expert collection attorneys to collect on judgments obtained through our programs, this project is, we believe, unique – a first of its kind in the nation – and has the possibility of promoting real justice for low-income individual judgment creditors who cannot afford legal collection assistance from a lawyer.

Who Can Participate?

Attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia who have experience with post-judgment collection work.


Through the Program, attorneys with collections expertise volunteer their time and resources to complete recovery on behalf of AVLF clients who have obtained judgments through AVLF’s other programs that assist victims of unscrupulous landlords and employers. Cases are prescreened for errors with the judgments, bankruptcy filings, and other collection-related factors.

As a volunteer attorney, you will periodically receive a request for assistance (typically one to two cases a year) that includes a short description of the facts and the party information. If you are available and have no conflicts, you will quickly receive a referral package that contains all related paperwork (Judgment, FiFa, case documents that might be helpful), an account of the facts and any previous collection efforts or tips, and contact information for the attorney that obtained the judgment. You will be expected to contact your client and use your expertise and best efforts to collect on the judgment.

While volunteers are required to already have collection experience, AVLF does provide an extensive level of support to Dollars for Judgment volunteer attorneys, including access to a small litigation fund, assistance in getting all related filing fees waived and significantly discounted court-reporting services and process servers.


If you have experience in collections work and are interested in volunteering, complete a Volunteer Registration Form and/or contact Cole Thaler.