Giving FAQ

The giving levels for AVLF’s 2020 Annual Campaign have changed from the wine-centric levels of years past to encompass the sheer breadth of AVLF’s impact in the community. This way, we emphasize the relatability of the issues we address, in addition to the impact and hope that our services provide, instead of focusing on any single event.

Yes! AVLF is ushering in a new era of fundraising in 2020: instead of distinguishing between restricted gifts (such as a ticket to the Guardian ad Litem benefit) and unrestricted gifts (such as an Annual Campaign donation), all donations will benefit AVLF’s Annual Campaign.

That means that we can use the funds wherever we need them most—they’re not restricted to a particular program.

In order for you to receive the full benefits of supporting the AVLF Annual Campaign, we strongly encourage you to donate prior to October 1st. But if you make a gift to our Annual Campaign after the Winetasting, we will still recognize and thank you on our website, on social media, and in the AVLF Annual Report.

In 2021, we will launch a new Spring event celebrating all programs of AVLF. The first year will honor the legacy of PurSHOEing Justice and will feature the Safe and Stable Families Program. All funds will benefit the Annual Campaign.

Our goal is to foster awareness of the issues that our clients and community face, and to highlight AVLF’s breadth of work, empathy, and mutual understanding. Keep an eye out for future announcements!

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